Distance (Remote) Treatment

What is it?

Remote biomagnetism is the application of biomagnetic pair therapy from a distance. This is achieved were an individual receives biomagnetic balance via a surrogates body.

How does it work?

“Intention”…Intention carries its own biomagnetic/energetic field. This is acheived with in-person treatments whereby the intention of the practitioner asks the body which area is imbalanced. This creates a stimulus (leg discrepancy) similar the inducement of the direct application of magnets on the body. An example of this would be executed by having the “intention” to discover imbalances by calling out the anatomical area of relevance.


From this an observable discrepancy occurs indicating imbalance. To rebalance the legs a secondary point must be present in order to discover the pair of imbalance.


The legs are now balanced although the magnetic pair is still imbalanced. This then requires magnetic placement. With in-person treatments this is achieved by placing magnets directly on the clients body (stomach area). With remote (distance) treatments this is achieved by placing magnets on a surrogates body to treat the intended client from a distance for a specified time.

Fig.1. Antenna-Energetic transfer (magnetic placement) relationship with Receiver-Magnetic impact (Energetic placement).

How do magnetic fields reach a client from a distance?

Magnetism is a form of energy. Energy has the potential to become stronger over distance which makes this application extraordinary. The intention by the practitioner must be strong enough to garner the accurate information from the distance client via a surrogates body. Once the biomagnetic pairs are identified magnets are then applied to the surrogates body whilst the practitioner closely focuses the energetic Energetic Transfer Magnetic Impact intentionality of the magnetic fields to the client from a distance for the duration of the treatment. The surrogates body is simply a template (antenna) utilized to achieve the desired results. 

What is required from the distance client?

Firstly, the client must be open to this type of modality. Any doubt will restrict the therapeutic benefits of this method and make the client less receptive to the biomagnetic distance scan + treatment. Prior to the treatment an updated facial and frontal body photograph is required (examples provided below)

This is required as it benefits the practitioner with the visualization of this process removing possible factors of influence. Contact will be made prior to the treatment between the practitioner and client to create a connection via phone call.

During this call the client will become familiar with the protocol. It is advisable to simulate the session at the same time as its commencement. An example of this would be lying down in a relaxed position with relaxing music creating a therapeutic channel which will improve receptiveness (receiving). This will allow the practitioner to freely tap into the wisdom (information field) of the client’s body and proceed with healing (magnetic/energetic field) the individual.

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