Biomagnetic Neuropsychology

We all as individuals are a work in progress. We are not flawless. We have neurological patterns that dictate our response to life scenarios. These patterns are built from our past experiences. If our experiences are not necessarily good ones, then our neurological patterns will not serve us well.

These patterns become deeply constructed overtime and difficult to change instantly.

This is were NCODE comes in; developed by Moises Goiz a therapeutic technique designed to allow these patterns to be corrected. Through transcranial magnetic stimulation deeply constructed patterns are liberated essentially giving an individual the capability to create a fresh pattern.
Areas of the brain are more accessible allowing the individual to utilise all tools essential for responding optimally to our environment to serve us better in life.

Moises Goiz

Creator of NCODE and the son of Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, discoverer of the Biomagnetic Pair.

Moises an architect, psychologist and biomagnetist developed Biomagnetic Neuropsychology as a means to further the therapeutic capabilities of biomagnetism. Initially proposed to treat emotional conflicts; this therapy has been shown to treat a wide range of neurological issues.

What is Biomagnetic Neuropsychology?

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology is an area of study that has allowed the development of several techniques that allow us to interact directly with the neurological patterns of our brain. Throughout our lives but especially during our childhood we are responsible for the creation of our own patterns of behavior. By repeating again and again the same response to a stimulus, we create neurological circuits that form our personality and the way in which we respond to different events, becoming over time our only form of behavior in that particular situation.

These patterns are responsible for our complexes, emotional deficiencies, phobias and shortcomings of our personality.

Biomagnetic Neuropsychology presents the opportunity to rewrite the unconscious and automatic responses that we generate in a certain type of psychological and social settings, thereby achieving the development of skills and the overcoming of our emotional, psychological and in some cases even physiological problems.

The techniques that have been developed under this concept are: Biomagnetic Balance, Procebo Protocol, Neurological Rehabilitation and Abstract Psychotherapy.

By Moises Goiz.

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About the therapist
Dermot Duffy originally grew an interest in psychology from Alexander Lowen, discoverer of Bioenergetic Analysis & Psychotherapy.
Learning how the body is the mind (and the mind is the body) Dermot continues to practice bioenergetic exercise and breathing techniques and has found this extremely beneficial to his overall lifestyle. Understanding psychological concepts such as love, will, courage, fate, fear, depression, anxiety etc., and the integration within human behaviour formed a strong basis along with NEURO- NCODE.

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