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What causes a disease? “Is it us as individuals” “Is our body weak”, “Is it our fault”. Absolutely not, sure our lifestyle can play a part but PATHOGENS play the biggest role. Parasites, Fungus, Bacteria and Viruses cause havoc within the human organism. The more we know of their function the more informed decisions we can make to tackle them. So the question is HOW?

My brother had Lyme disease, a debilitating disease contracted by a tick bite. The struggle trying to find a diagnosis and then seeking treatment seemed endless for him and our family. A number of years of feeling unwell and trying multiple treatments my parents came across biomagnetic pair therapy in Dublin, Ireland. A virtually unheard of treatment for pathogenic infection.

The decision was then made to give this therapy a try as ultimately a last resort. 

Over a year into the therapy and the difference was remarkable.
In his own words, he described that his health went from 40% to 90% within this timeframe. Lyme disease is a serious disease that took my brother to the depths of diminishing health and Biomagnetic pair therapy was able to show him the capabilities of his body to restore health and eradicate Lyme and associated co-infections.

Biomagnetic pair therapy UK provides a unique therapy to the UK.
One of very few practitioners in the UK Dermot Duffy grew a rapid interest in the human body deciding to dedicate himself to study in the field of Exercise Science with a interest and primary focus in ‘metabolism & physiology’ achieving an Honours degree (BSc) in Exercise Science. It was during this time that Dermot’s brother was struggling with health issues. 

Seeing the difference it was making to his brother inspired Dermot to gain as much knowledge as possible about this therapy. Spending a year gaining experience under the very practitioner that improved the health of his brother and eventually becoming  a practitioner himself within the field of biomagnetism.

In the very early stages of applying this therapy Dermot discovered many conditions that it could help including Lyme disease. Diabetes being a real eye-opener as Dermot’s wife was diagnosed type 1 diabetic 5 years prior. Through biomagnetism the imbalances discovered were treated and within a number of sessions insulin dependency was gradually decreased to eventually be eradicated completely.

This therapy has many applications tackling areas such as gland dysfunction, lymphatic issues, emotional/hormonal imbalances and pathogenic infection to name a few.

Ultimately, pathogens are foreign to the body. If they are motile they’re aim is to disrupt pH in order to survive seeking acidic or alkaline states. Biomagnetic pair therapy tackles this by creating homeostasis within the body. pH remains in a neutral state and pathogens are now within a hostile environment foreign to them. They are severely hindered and will not survive.

“Healing is absolutely possible.”



Designed to regulate pH and bring homeostasis to the body. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy UK welcome you.

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