What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Use of magnets on the human body can be dated as far back as Egyptian, Chinese and Greek cultures. Within the last century the use of magnets for health purposes has rarely been utilised much less considered. In the 1930’s, Dr. Albert Roy Davis discovered through conducting research that static magnetic fields of both north and south pole polarity could influence a living organism. These influences included reducing inflammation, increasing oxygen levels within cells and stimulating alkaline and acidic states dependent upon which magnetic polarity was used.

In the 1980’s, a NASA doctor known as Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer discovered that astronauts returning from space would have for a short period of time one leg shorter than the other. This was only apparent on the right side of the body through a heel discrepancy of 1-2cm. Astronauts at NASA undertook rigorous medical tests prior to take off were this discrepancy was not found.

Through further analysis Dr. Broeringmeyer came to the conclusion that the absence of earths magnetic field in space may be responsible for this discrepancy. He also found that static magnetic fields placed on different locations across the body would cause the same effect. He took this a step further and developed a therapy known as energy therapy.

It was during this time that Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran a former surgeon grew an interest in alternative medicine. In 1988 the society of alternative medicines of Guadalajara invited Dr. Goiz to attend one of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyers Energy Therapy teachings. 

This teaching allowed him to understand this phenomenon and the principles of biomagnetism. When he returned to his office he began to practice the principles of this therapy together with allopathic medicine. One of Dr. Goiz’s patients diagnosed with HIV confirmed by a western blot test received treatment. 

Using the learned system Dr. Goiz taking into account the phenomenon of depolarization in the therapy found a well-defined pair of poles with opposite charge: superior middle part of the sternum (thymus) and the other of opposite charge in the part distal of the coccyx (Rectum). Both poles neutralised the area and the patient recovered fully. This is the very first discovered Biomagnetic pair. Since then hundreds of pairs have been discovered such as pathogenic, dysfunctional, lymphatic, hormonal, neurological and psycho-emotional.

Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran

The biomagnetic pair aims to balance distortion within areas of the body (eg. Thymus/Rectum). When this balance is altered, diseases appear. In these altered states pH (hydrogen potential) changes with variations towards alkalinity or acidity. From this imbalance symptoms appear with malfunction of several organs. Pathogens (bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus) then move within these distorted areas essentially thriving in both alkaline and acidic states.

Magnets have the ability to correct this alteration by acting directly on the energetic causes. The magnets have two poles: positive and negative. The positive or southern pole represents acidity, shortening, dysfunction, virus and degeneration. All this occurs when the internal pH changes to below 6.7 and the negative or north pole tracks the degeneration, bacteria, dysfunction, distension and alkalinity that occurs when the internal pH rises above 7.3. By joining these two positive and negative poles, the internal pH correction will be achieved (hence the biomagnetic pair). This in turn eliminates viruses, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus as they cannot survive in a pH neutral state (6.7-7.3). 

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How is this done?

This is done through magnetic tracking and bioenergetics. The technique begins with the person lying down, dressed with their feet elevated. The therapist then begins to use a technique known as bioenergetics. Bioenergetics derives a response from the limbic system of the patient achieving a shortening on the right side of the body.

Once a shortening is achieved made visible by checking a discrepancy within the heels of the patient, the bioenergetic point (eg. Liver/right kidney) is then clarified by placing the negative pole of the magnet on the liver and the positive pole on the right kidney to balance the heels. Due to their characteristics, the magnets can only rebalance the pairs, not unbalance.

This therapy does not offer any contraindication (except for people with pacemakers or people undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy). It does not produce any negative effect on our body. Once magnetic treatment occurs our body may experience a healing crisis, this is simply our body responding to the rapid change in order to heal itself.

Biomagnetic pair therapy can benefit a range of conditions such as:
Chronic Lyme disease • LD co-infections • Chronic fatigue • Auto-immune • Cancer • Diabetes type I, II • Bacterial, virus, parasite, fungi infections • Adrenal fatigue • Fibromyalgia • Alzheimer’s • Crohn’s disease • Candida • Arthritis • Bronchitis • Asthma • Glandular dysfunction • Anemia • Back Pain • Carpal Tunnel • Chronic Pain • Digestive disorders • Cysts • Eating disorders • Tinnitus • Emotional Issues • Influenza • Glaucoma • Hepatitis • Blood pressure issues  • Herpes • Rheumatism  • High Cholesterol • Insect bites • Meningitis • Poor circulation  • Migraines • Psoriasis • Multiple Sclerosis • Parkinson’s • And many more

The Power of Magnets

Correcting the systems of the body by returning pH to its natural state

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