Biomagnetic Pair Therapy UK welcomes you to try this wonderful and unique therapy.

Initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, during this time you will be familiarised with the therapy. Various areas of Biomagnetic pair therapy will be described along with the magnets we use and techniques to locate imbalanced areas across the body.

The therapy begins with the individual removing their shoes and any electronics (phones, watch) or metal objects.

During the therapy the client is lying prone on a therapy table with the legs elevated by means of an elevated leg rest. The feet are overhanging during this to check for imbalances within the body by viewing leg discrepancies from the heels. The scanning lasts about 30 minutes with the magnets being placed on active imbalanced points for 20-25 minutes to balance.

An overview is then provided after the scan to discuss distorted pH areas within the body.


Follow up sessions last approximately 1 hour.

Address 1 Liverpool: Pricing

  • Initial consultation: £80
  • Follow ups: £60

Address 2 Ipswich: Pricing

  • Initial consultation: £100
  • Follow ups: £80

Please note that Dermot Duffy is not a medical doctor and does not provide a diagnosis. Biomagnetic pair therapy should be viewed as complementary in nature to all treatments with the exception of chemotherapy and Radiation therapy


An energetic phenomenon finding the root cause of dis-ease

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