“I suffered from lyme and coinfections for a few years and tried multiple treatments. I read about Biomagnetic therapy and reached out to Dermot. Since there were no practitioners in Dubai he was kind enough to fly out and treat me for a few weeks. We all saw huge benefits and I purchased magnets and consult with him remotely. He was extremely caring and knowledgeable I would highly recommend this treatment”
"After recieving no help from the NHS for Lyme Disease, I discovered Biomagnetic Pair Therapy with Dermot. I truly believe this treatment saved me, so much so, I have now trained in the therapy myself. Dermot is so knowledgable, approachable and empathetic towards his clients. I have felt very comfortable recommending him to members of my family and friends, who he is now treating for a number of different health conditions."
Louise Devine
BMP Practitioner
"Overall since beginning the treatment my body feels much more stable, my symptoms are less erratic and less severe and I feel like I'm made a lot of steady progress! The reason why I like this treatment so much is because it is treating my body as a whole."
"I have had chronic Lyme for about 18 years; I am already starting to see an improvement in my health and wellbeing. Apart from the treatment being so completely relaxing it actually pinpoints exactly where I have issues and pain . Yesterday both my ears and sinus were blocked and within two hours of treatment they cleared. I also had stomach issues yesterday and they too were resolved. I would definitely recommend Dermot Duffy to anyone who has serious health issues or chronic pain."
Pauline Ainsworth
"Dermot made a massive difference to my health, I had been struggling for years. After two initial sessions with Dermot my health improved rapidly. Dermot takes his time in addressing all health issues and answers questions comprehensively. He's also really patient while treating children. I referred lots of friends to him that also benefitted from biomagnetic pairing in dermots hands. If your in doubt I urge you to try it."
Victoria Roy

Remote healing

“Biomagnetism can also be applied from a distance with the exact same efficacy”

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